Full name: Inducible T-cell costimulator ligand

Aliases:1 ICOSLG, B7H, B7H2, GL50, B7-H2, B7RP1, CD275, ICOSL, LICOS, and B7RP-1

Family:2,3 B7 family member

Receptors:3,4 T-cell–specific cell surface receptor

Major cellular sources:2-6 B cells, monocytes, macrophages, DCs, nonlymphoid cells

Major cellular targets:4 Tfh cell

Disease states associated with:6 Systemic lupus erythematosus

Major physiologic functions:

  • ICOS-L binds to ICOS exclusively and activates a cascade of signal transduction pathways that inhibit the production of cytokines, including IFN-γ, IL-4, IL-5, and IL-13.4,7,8

  • ICOS-L expression has been shown to be downregulated following interaction with ICOS.4

  • ICOS/ICOS-L interactions stimulate Tfh-cell differentiation in the lymphoid tissue, promote the survival of effector memory cells as well as B-cell selection, Ig class switching, and progression to plasma cells in germinal centers.4

  • Elevated expressions of ICOS and ICOSL have been found in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.6,9

B7H: B7 homolog; B7RP: B7-related protein; CD: cluster of differentiation; DC: dendritic cell; ICOS: inducible T-cell costimulator; ICOSLG: inducible T-cell costimulator ligand; IFN-γ: interferon gamma; Ig: immunoglobulin; IL: interleukin; LICOS: ligand inducible T-cell costimulator; Tfh: T follicular helper.


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